Lice risk associated with Halloween costumes

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Halloween is less than two weeks away.

But before you head out to buy costumes for your kids, some doctors say you might want to make sure a creepy crawler isn’t inside -- lice.

Doctors say it’s something to watch out for this Halloween season as kids try on costumes with wigs, masks or hats.

"Especially if it's been tried on by lots of kids," said Dr. Ron Pudlo, a pediatrician with Greensboro Pediatrics.

Pudlo treats one to two kids a week for lice. Something he sees year-round.

"Sometimes you see actual lice,” Pudlo said. “Most of time what you're going to see is what we call 'nits.'"

"It's stuck to the hair, you can't take your fingers and pull it off," he said.

Pudlo says trying on or sharing any costume that includes a head piece could potentially spread the disease.

"It's certainly something to be cautious of when sharing any type of headgear," Pudlo said.

He suggests parents should do a few things to avoid any problems.

"Wear things that are clean or your own, don't share them with a lot of kids," he said. "It's much better to do something like make-up on a face or paint a face."