Lexington boy without a father after crash involving moped and postal vehicle

LEXINGTON, N.C. – A 4-year-old child is without a father after his dad's moped crashed head-on with a U.S Postal Service driver. Debra Yarborough, the USPS driver, is charged with driving while impaired.

The child’s mother, Nola Asbury, sat down with FOX8 after she saw Yarborough in court Wednesday.

“She deserves time,” Asbury said. “She doesn't deserve to be out here. She killed a man.”

Asbury wants justice after her child’s father, DaQuan Monicure, was killed in the crash.

“The lady had a smile on her face,” Asbury Said. “She had no remorse at all.”

Lexington police say Yarborough was driving an unmarked U.S. Postal Service car when it crashed head-on with Monicure’s moped at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Tussey Street last month.

Now, Asbury wants the USPS driver behind bars.

“I want justice for his daddy,” Asbury said. “He's four years old, he needs his daddy. The police officer told me her car flipped three times and I was sitting here thinking ‘she was that drunk? Why didn't the post office know?’”

We reached out to USPS to see if Yarborough is still working there, but we were told it doesn’t comment on any administrative action against its employees.