Improvements to Maple Avenue in Burlington

BURLINGTON, N.C. -- Dozens of people continue to weigh in on what they want to see improved on Maple Avenue.

"I see a lot of business closed down," Keyana Green said. "A lot shops can be opened up. Some decent places to eat."

She moved to Burlington recently and has already spotted areas of improvement.

It's not just her either.

Sandra Engel has lived just steps away from Maple Avenue for six years.

"I like Maple Avenue, it's real nice," Engel said.

Her biggest concern are sidewalks. This stems from a horrific accident which happened right in front of her house.

"One day I had two women fall right down and bust their heads open," Engel said.

More businesses and pedestrian safety were key issues several residents discussed at the Maple Avenue revitalization meeting Wednesday night.

City Senior Planner Daniel Shoffner said the improvement project will hit these two struggling areas along with traffic concerns.

He said there are way too many empty buildings.

Structures which he thinks will be back up and running again like they were before.

"This was a busy, bustling corridor 30 to 40 years ago," Shoffner said. "We hope to see that again one day."

The same treatment of revitalization goes for sidewalks too.

"Better pedestrian access with sidewalks or multi-use paths," Shoffner said.

This improvement project is a direction people can hopefully look forward to.

"A lot of people may just drive by and not get off here but we're hoping to change that," Shoffner said.

"I can't wait to explore more of Burlington, honestly," Green said.