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Local school embraces app encouraging positivity

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- It's a good feeling for Isabella Heinbach and Grace Thurman the second they open their phones.

Both are students at Wesleyan Christian Academy.

A school recently embraced a new app called TBH, or "to be honest."

It's a new positive app for students which is extremely popular for middle school students and some high school freshmen.

Students vote anonymously on fellow classmates on a variety of questions.

"Someone thinks I have talent," Heinbach said.

Some questions might even be a little odd.

"Someone said I'd get a cat and name it Dog," Thurman said.

It's all for for lifting up students and giving classmates a self-esteem boost.

Some were a little weary about app at first.

"Because I didn't know if someone could send something bad about me but as I kept using it I learned you can't submit bad stuff about people," Heinbach said.

Now, it's a feeling they look forward to.

"People think stuff about me," Thurman said. "I mean they may not be able to tell me in person but they still can tell me that through something else."

Jackie Peele's three kids go to the school. She'd never heard of the TBH app until now.

"I'm going to ask when I go pick them up today and go learn about it," Peele said.

Peele said this could encourage children with a single vote with the help of parents.

"Most likely to be a surgeon one day, I know how if there's interest there, then I know as a parent on how to guide that interest into a positive outcome," Peele said.

School administrators are behind the app too, making sure it's used in the right way.

"For them to see something and to have a little bit of time to laugh and little bit of time to enjoy themselves, I think it's just goof for them," Principal Tim Rickman said.