Regulating the cleanliness of hotel rooms in the Triad

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It's something we all do -- stay in a hotel room for a night or two, without ever knowing how clean it actually is.

After receiving photos from a FOX8 viewer that appear to show bloody sheets, we wanted to know: Who is responsible for keeping up with hotels and regulating the cleanliness of rooms?

According to David Foust, Guilford County Environmental Health program manager, it's up to each county's department of environmental health to inspect hotels at least once a year, which is required by state statute.

"It's just like a restaurant inspection," Foust said. "There's a checklist and a point system, just like restaurants."

FOX8 obtained a copy of an inspection checklist that was broken down by room, like bathroom, bedroom and laundry. Each category has a list of bullet points underneath -- items that, if not done properly, can lose a hotel points on its inspection score. For example, if a hotel room is found to have dirty sheets, the total score will be docked four points. Overall, a hotel has to earn a score higher than a 70, or a C, to remain open.

Foust said in his 31 years of experience, he's never closed a hotel.

If you want to see the latest inspection from a hotel you plan to stay in, you can check your county's department of health website for a full list.