Grant needed for new terminal at Asheboro Regional Airport

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- Asheboro City Manager John Ogburn has a big vision for a new terminal at Asheboro Regional Airport.

"We envision a 12,000-square-foot terminal on this site, two stories with a new entrance driveway," Ogburn said. "It'll have parking, storage area, bus travel."

Ogburn says a new terminal at the airport is long overdue.

"Right now, we're really at our max,” he said.

He says there's been lots of new growth and that now it's time for the airport -- built in the 1970s -- to catch up.

“Without the new terminal, it'll limit our future growth,” he said.

A dozen new businesses have opened in the city in the past year and a half, some based out of the country.

It’s growth Ogburn says that will only increase once the Megasite opens and brings in more people and companies to the area.

"Right now, we're at the center of that action, so we need to be a piece of it," Ogburn said.

The city is hoping a $4 million federal grant will help with expansion.

"We need to be ready,” said Bob Crumley, with Asheboro Regional Airport Authority. “There will be a lot of aircraft traffic in and out of here."

Crumley says they're already seeing an increase in traffic with at least 100 flights in and out of the airport every week.

"A lot more corporate planes, a lot more jets,” he said. “Not at all unusual to see two or three corporate planes out here at a time."

Crumley says those numbers will likely double once the Megasite is up and running.

"Our community has really grown, so we need to grow our airport as well,” Crumley said.

If not, Ogburn says the city could lose out.

"They'll go elsewhere,” the city manager said. “They'll skip over us and go to PTI. They'll go to Winston-Salem Reynolds. They'll go to Burlington."

The city will know if they have been awarded the grant by January.

If approved, they hope to break ground on the new terminal by fall 2018.