Trinity High School chaplain resigns after parent’s accusation

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TRINITY, N.C. -- Dozens of Trinity residents have come out to show their support for former Trinity High School football chaplain Eric King.

"Sadness and disappointment," said David Mercadante, one of those supporting King.

Mercadante has known King for years through church based functions.

When he heard what happened, his initial thought was the impact King has on students.

"Good influence on these students and these students need good influences in their life and as many as they can get," Mercadante said.

It's influence which won't be there anymore, at least not on the football sidelines.

King said he was pulled into the principal's office at Trinity High School earlier this week and Dr. Brian Toft told him not to come back.

"Basically just step away completely," King said.

It's all because of a claim he said a parent made accusing him of forcing religion on a student -- something King said he's never intentionally done.

"[It caught me] partially off guard, but like I said it's all about how you handle it," King said.

The Randolph County school system issued this in a statement.

"The individual was a volunteer/nonpaid, non-faculty coach who helped the football team. He agreed to step away from the team at this time."

"All I ever really wanted to do was support the school, coaches and support the students," King said.

He can still do that, but just from a distance.

King said his removal doesn't upset him at all.

He's happy with what he's done for what he calls six amazing years.

"I know who I am; in Christ I guess is where I find my joy," King said.

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