Ghostly rumor a part of the history of Thomasville Police Department

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. – For nearly eight decades, the place the Thomasville Police Department is headquartered has been fixture in the city.

Not only functioning as a police station, but for many years being a one-stop shop for the people in Thomasville.

“This was city hall,” said Lt. Raymond Widener.

Widener knows all about the history of the building as he scrolled through different pictures on his computer.

He joined the department back in 1983 when he was 28-years-old.

“I can remember when I was a boy I thought it was huge. Not quite that huge anymore,” he said as he smiled.

Built in 1938, for many years this building served as more than just a place for officers to report.

“We had city offices here. The county offices were here for taxes...we had the Department of Motor Vehicles, a library here,” Widener said.

It also housed a fire department and even a jail.

In addition to everything that this building has housed over the years, some also say it’s haunted.

“The myths are that you hear walking and talking and one thing or another throughout the building,” Widener stated.

“I know one of my mentors, Captain B.D. Hicks, was telling me about someone who hung himself up here years ago. We had officers that died on duty that worked out of this building. I’ve worked out of here almost 35 years and I haven`t heard or seen anything,” he said.

Haunted or not, Lt. Widener says the building has plenty of stories.

“We went through the 70s, the second World War, Korean war, Vietnam [War]. We’ve had so many major historical points and government was right here,” he said.

Work has already started the new $10 million police headquarters that Thomasville police are planning to move into.

The city is still working on what to ultimately do with the current building once the department moves out.

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