Non-profit says it supports new Universal Charitable Giving bill

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – The United Way of Forsyth County’s President and CEO, Cindy Gordineer, got some unexpected news earlier this week.

“I was surprised. I had not heard that he was planning to do so, but of course very pleased,” she said.

It was news that Congressman Mark Walker introduced the Universal Charitable Giving Act.

This bill would encourage donations brought into charities from low and middle-income taxpayers.

It would set a deduction for individuals and married couples regardless if they itemize, in addition to the standard deduction.

“We know that a lot of our donors don’t give for the tax implications, but that they give because they really care about their community, but we also know that for some donors, the ability to give is made possible by the fact that they are getting some credit on their taxes. That they don’t have a lot of extra disposable income. So, without the ability to have some credit toward their taxes it might be impossible,” Gordineer said.

Walker’s bill is also a response to the new GOP tax plan.

The bill is aiming to help individuals and families that would likely stop itemizing their deductions under the new plan by encouraging those who already claim the standard deduction to give to charities that they want to.

“Our state would see an unintended consequence of seeing a great deal of less dollars giving to philanthropy,” Gordineer said.

“Representative Walker has kind of just put this out there and now we need to help him marshal army of all of the representatives that want to vote it through,” she said.

The United Way has already tweeted its support from its national account saying that the “new bill goes a long way toward addressing issues that concern non-profits and the communities they serve.”

The bill is now in the House of Representatives.