Fan suffers collapsed lung after screaming at concert

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A fan of British-Irish boy band One Direction screams as she waits for a glimpse of her idols ahead of a concert in Wellington on April 22, 2012. One Direction comprise four young Britons and an Irishman, with their first album making its debut at number one on the US charts last month -- a feat never before achieved by a British band. AFP PHOTO / MARTY MELVILLE (Photo credit should read Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images)

A devoted fan found herself at the hospital with a collapsed lung after screaming at a One Direction concert.

The incident happened several years ago when the then 16-year-old girl had been screaming at the concert in Texas, Fox News reports.

When she began feeling shortness of breath the next day, she went to the emergency room.

Doctors initially thought the girl’s condition wasn’t too severe but changed their mind when they noticed a cracking sensation when they pressed down on the girl’s chest and neck. The sensation led to signs of crepitus, which one doctor described as crushing Rice Krispies.

Following a chest X-ray, the girl was diagnosed with pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung. Doctors say she had air in the space around her heart, between the lungs, the walls of her chest and in the space behind the back of her throat.

Doctors said the girl’s forceful screaming had pushed air out of the respiratory tract and into the other areas, causing the collapsed lung.

“I cannot think of another time when lungs have collapsed due to screaming at a pop concert — but there’s a first time for everything,” Dr. Clare Morrison told the Huffington Post.

The girl has since fully recovered.