‘Tastes like vanilla’: Clown actor at Halloween attraction accused of licking 15-year-old girl’s face

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A clown remains on the stage during the second day of the XXI Convention of Clowns, at the Jimenez Rueda Theatre, in Mexico City on October 18, 2016. Latin American clowns hold their 21st annual conference in Mexico City from October 17 through 20. The lurking clown phenomenon as a wave of hysteria about sightings of "creepy" or "killer" clowns that sweeps the United States and European nations will be discussed. / AFP / PEDRO PARDO (Photo credit should read PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Images)

BRANDENBURG, Ky. — A clown actor at a Halloween attraction in Kentucky is accused of licking a 15-year-old girl’s face and telling her she “tastes like vanilla,” according to WDRB.

The incident happened on Friday night in the “Clown Tent” at Field of Screams in Brandenburg.

The girl’s grandmother, Phyllis Childers, said the clown licked the side of her face and stuck his tongue in her ear before picking her up over his shoulder and throwing her down on a mattress.

He then held the 15-year-old on the mattress by her ankles.

Field of Screams management investigated the claim, identified the 28-year-old clown actor and turned his name over to authorities.

The “Clown Tent” section does allow actors to touch guests, but Field of Screams owner Matt Powell says the employee’s actions are not to be tolerated.

“We want our customers to have a great time,” Powell said. “We want them to feel scared, but we want them to feel safe. They don’t have to worry about anything like this because we’re taking care of it.”