Randolph County man has huge can tab collection

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. -- Lonnie Greenwood's friends call him Maynard but he probably should be known as the "King of Can" tabs.

Maynard started collecting cab tabs decades ago and his collection has grown to a rough estimate of about half a million.

"I'd be countin' and I'll lose count," said Greenwood. "I'll have to start all over again and I'd be like I ain't going to do that."

While you can get a work out picking up each five-gallon bucket of tabs, which weighs about 15 pounds, Maynard says he gets his workout from pulling tabs and crushing the soda cans.

"That's what caused that right there," said Maynard showing his bicep muscle. "Doctor says it's a muscle on top of a muscle."

Maynard says he has no plans of slowing down.

"I still saving right on like that, I'll probably do it until I die."

Maynard says the reason he started collecting tabs decades ago was because he wanted to be one of Roy's Folks.

"I did, -- I wanted be one of Roy's Folks cause I watched him a lot."

Maynard plans to start donating his tabs to the Shriner's, who recycle them to raise money for their children's hospital.