Wanted man challenges police on Facebook and it backfires

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REDFORD, Mich. — A wanted Michigan man challenged local police on Facebook saying he would turn himself in if the department were to get 1,000 shares on its next post, according to WTVD.

On Friday, Champagne Torino left a comment on the Redford Township Police Department’s Facebook page on a post about a home invasion.

After the department threatened to block him from its page, Torino challenged the police in a private Facebook message saying if their next post received 1,000 shares, he would turn himself in, bring a dozen doughnuts to the station and pick up litter around public schools.

The challenge was accepted by the department. After making Torino’s message public, the post received the 1,000 shares in just over an hour.

As of Monday morning, the post has received over 3,800 shares and Torino had not turned himself in.

In a Facebook post, the department said Torino, “may or may not be a man of his word,” but that, “it is our experience everyone gets caught at some point. He has drawn a lot of attention to himself, and that makes it hard to hide from reality.”