NC Zoo holds special day to celebrate the senses

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ASHEBORO, N.C. -- There's always so much to see at the North Carolina Zoo.

But, two-year-old Ellie discovered you can also learn a lot about animals with your other senses -- like touch and hearing.

That's why the zoo organized a new event called Celebrating the Senses.

To open the zoo up to a lot more people to make it a little more inclusive, we realize the zoo has a lot of wonderful animals to see, but we don't take it that next step sometimes.

Steve Gerkin says the idea came when a group of deaf students visited the zoo.

During Celebrating the Senses day, American Sign Language interpreters will be set up at 11 stations throughout the park.

Guests will visual impairments will have a chance to touch things like a Harbor Seal's fur. Or hear the sounds of certain animals, like birds.

The zoo will also set up several quiet zones around the park for guests who struggle with autism.