County says issues addressed after violations at Guilford animal shelter

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Guilford County Animal Shelter is facing a $1,200 fine for multiple violations following inspections.

notice to Deputy County Manager Clarence Grier from the state Department of Agriculture shows the shelter faces violations including failing to provide access to water to 14 dogs and keeping sick dogs and cats living with healthy animals.

Grier sent FOX8 a statement Thursday that says the shelter already addressed recent violations from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture.

Heather Overton is a spokesperson for the NCDA. She say it does inspections on all 900 shelters in the state twice a year.

”What Greensboro is going through is not unusual and we are trying to help them get into compliance,” Overton said. “Right now they are having sort of a season of staff turnover. It has happened to other shelters, Guilford is not alone, but with the right attitude and work, they can fix and come out a better shelter.”

This is not the first time the shelter has faced fines following inspections.

Animal lovers we spoke with say the shelter needs new leadership to help fix some of the issues. Its director resigned in July shortly after the shelter received a violation for leaving dogs out in the heat.

“I think the first thing that needs to happen is to get a strong management in here, someone who has as a passionate heart for the animals,” said Donna Lawrence, a member of the shelters advisory council.

”We need to get somebody out here who loves the animals who cares about the animals, will go to bat for the animals,” said Jan Meadows, a local animal lover.

Guilford County Commissioner Justin Conrad told FOX8 that a shelter director has been selected, but it’s not a done deal yet. HR paperwork still needs to be filed.

The recent violations happened in September.

The shelter has 60 days to appeal.

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