80 new high-tech jobs coming to High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Eighty new high-paying jobs are heading to High Point over three years, according to an announcement from Governor Roy Cooper's office Thursday.

The people who land them will make an average of $57,829 a year, more than $12,000 above the average wage in Guilford County.

The marquee at the Triad Center in High Point will soon add a new name. Superion, a Florida-based software company, already employs 155 people in High Point.

"They're expanding. They're doing well," said Loren Hill, the president of High Point's Economic Development Corporation.

The 80 new jobs are for people in product support, professional services and software development, all under the tech umbrella.

"High-tech, IT types of jobs, that's really good news for us," Hill said.

It's part of the city's mission to diversity the economy.

"We have a wide range of wonderful industrious here in the area," Hill said. "Manufacturing is so important to us, distribution and furniture is so important to us. We like having additional industry sectors doing well."

If you look at the top 25 employers in High Point, there's a lot of jobs in customer service, health care, local government and education.

"We want to be as diverse as we can," Hill said. "It's good for citizens looking for a wide variety of jobs and it's good to help protect the economy."

Superion's not just bringing in new jobs, but keeping them too. The company considered picking up and moving to Florida or Iowa but opted to stay in the Triad.

"Clearly, it says they've been pleased and they've been reviewing the operation here in High Point," Hill said. "They must have the kind of workforce they're looking for, the kinds of applicants coming in for jobs. They know they've been successful here and can continue to be."

Economic incentives from the state and city helped drive that decision. High Point will fork over $80,000 if Superion brings in the jobs it's promising.

"They have to do as they say they were going to do, meet those requirements and then the money comes," Hill said.

FOX8 called Superion's office in Florida several times today to ask when they plan to move into the new building and make the new hires, but we didn't hear back.

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