Winston-Salem couple survives Las Vegas shooting

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A Winston-Salem couple is safe but shaken after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history happened during their anniversary trip to Las Vegas.

Burnie and Kristen Little went to Las Vegas to celebrate their three-year wedding anniversary. The couple attended the Route 91 Harvest Festival Sunday night.

“We heard what we thought were firecrackers,” Burnie said. “Very irregular sounding pop, pop, pop. I saw what I thought was smoke from what I presumed was firecrackers maybe 20 yards away.”

It didn’t take long for the couple to realize the sound was from gunshots.

“The shots rang out that whole time, it never stopped,” Burnie said. “Sounded like somebody was chasing you. It was mass chaos.”

The couple ran and took cover at the Tropicana Hotel. Still unsure about what was going on, they feared for the worst.

“Once we were bunkered down, I kept looking at my husband saying ‘We're not going to make it, we are not making this,’” Kristen said. “I called my mom. I was telling her my goodbyes and she was telling me her goodbyes. I sent my son a text message that morning just telling him how much I loved him that I was proud to be his mom.”

Now, the couple is back home safe in Winston-Salem, trying to move forward.

“It was some crazy guy,” Burnie said. “We don't know what his agenda was, what his motive was but he doesn't get to choose how I live my life, I get to choose that. I know my wife is really nervous about going to another concert, but we are going to go. You have to live your life.”

Even though Burnie says they will continue to go to events like this, he plans to keep an extra eye out for anything suspicious and always make sure to know where an exit is.