FOX8 takes a look at the three Greensboro mayoral candidates

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The position for the mayor of Greensboro is up for grabs.

There are three people vying for the seat, incumbent Nancy Vaughan, Diane Moffett and John Brown.

Current Mayor, Nancy Vaughan, is entering her third term as mayor after first being elected back in 2013.

Before that, she served as a member on city council.

“We have accomplished a lot in the last couple of years and you know I would challenge anybody to drive all over town and see how much it has improved. That there's development going on all around the city. Not just in downtown,” she said.

Vaughan says what she's most proud of is the $126 million bond package passed last year by voters focusing improvements to transportation, parks and recreation, community and economic development and housing.

“I think we've done a good job and balancing competing interests,” she said.

For small business man Brown, this is his first time throwing his hat in the political ring.

He's been in Greensboro since the 1980s and is the founder of Jessup Service Company in Greensboro.

“We've seen spending at four times the rate of inflation, we've seen violent crime increase this year by 36 percent. We've seen the loss of over a 1,000 great jobs leave this area,” Brown said.

If elected, he says he wants to bring in better paying jobs to help attract young professionals that graduate from area colleges and universities to stay, along with what he says better managing the city's budget.

“One of the worst places to live as everyone knows is just beyond your means and Greensboro seems to be living well beyond what is reasonable,” he said.

This too is Diane Moffett's first time getting into politics.

She's been in Greensboro for more than a decade. She is the pastor of Saint James Presbyterian Church, along with serving multiple leadership roles in various religious councils.

“You got to be able to come together to work together. I think that has to do with really looking at what is it that we want to do collectively,” she said.

She says her mission is to attract better jobs, boost economic development and bringing people from different areas of the city together.

“This tale of two cities…district one and two versus three, four and five… we got to stop that. There are wonderful people all over this city and what is needed is a lofty vision,” Moffett mentioned.

The primary election will take place October 10th, followed by the general election that will happen November 7th.

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