Winston-Salem woman says dog attacked and killed on evening walk

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A Winston-Salem woman says her daughter’s dog was attacked and killed by another dog while on a walk.

Joanne Hamlet said her daughter, Lisa, was walking her 7-year-old beagle, Sadie, on Saint Marks Road last week when she encountered a woman sitting on the curb crying.

“She told her that her dog had just attacked another dog and she was very upset because they were going to have to put her dog down,” Hamlet said.

Hamlet said seconds later, it was Sadie that was attacked.

“The dog just lunged on our little Sadie and flipped her over and just ripped her stomach out,” Hamlet described.

After rushing Sadie to the emergency vet, Joanne and her daughter learned there was nothing that could be done to save their beloved pet. Now, they’re trying to figure out why the dog they say is responsible for the attack is still in the owner’s hands.

“We’re all just really upset because the dog wasn’t taken away that night,” neighbor Carolyn Boles said.

We reached out to Forsyth County Animal Control and, while officials wouldn’t confirm any details, acting director Lt. David Morris said if the pit bull did attack and kill Sadie, it would be declared dangerous.

However, that doesn’t mean the dog will be taken from the owner -- essentially, the owner would have to follow stricter regulations, like getting $100,000 in liability insurance and keeping it in a six-sided structure.

Neighbors say they still can’t understand and will remain cautious in hopes that something will be done.

“We’re afraid the next time the dog attacks it will be a small child or an elderly person that can’t get away from it now that it’s done this,” Boles said.​