Nurse shopping at Target delivers customer’s baby at store entrance

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ATLANTA — A pregnant woman shopping at an Atlanta-area Target received more than she bargained for after she went into labor and a fellow customer helped deliver her baby.

Tanya St. Preux was at the store when she went into labor, Fox 5 reports. Caris Lockwood, who is a delivery nurse at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital, was shopping with her mother when they heard Preux saying she “might” go to the hospital because her contractions were getting worse.

“We urged her friend to go ahead and bring the car to the entrance and we were helping her to the car. Her contractions and pain were increasing as we walked with her to the car,” said Lockwood’s mother, Lisa Bozeman. “Just when we got outside the store her water broke.”

Just seconds after asking her sister to get sterile gloves and towels, Lockwood delivered the 7-pound, 10-ounce healthy baby boy at the entrance of the store.

Piedmont Healthcare posted a picture of the three on Facebook Monday.

“Caris was God-sent and amazing,” St. Preux told the hospital. “She was sweet and caring and exceeded everyone’s expectations. She went way over far and beyond.”

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