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Shots fired into Thomasville homes

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Police say the suspects in a Thomasville drive-by shooting at two homes may have targeted the people inside one of them.

They say suspects targeted a home on Memorial Park Drive because of what they call a "prior dispute."

"It just breaks my heart to see this type of thing happening to our neighborhood," said Ron Fowler, who's grew up on Memorial Park Drive.

Now neighbors say they just want to feel safe in their own homes again.

One woman whose home was hit said it's the type of story you always think will happen to someone else.

"And then, it happens to me. It lands right at my door, literally at my door," she said. She did not want to be identified or shown on camera.

At least a dozen gunshots flew by and hit both her and her neighbor's homes around 11 p.m. Sunday.

"I heard something that sounded like firecrackers," the woman said. "So I was about to head to the door, and then my son comes out of his room and says, 'Ma, that sounds like gunshots. Get down!'"

Several people were inside both homes when bullets flew through.

"I'm just glad nobody was hurt."

The bullets shattered a glass window, piercing the front door. Other bullets hit the victim's car and the side of her home.

Next door, one family member was sitting in a chair in the living room, when a bullet flew right over his head.

"It was just crazy. So many things went through my mind," the victim we talked to said. "Why would somebody want to do this? You know, I don't bother anybody. I just don't understand. Why is this happening in so many neighborhoods?"

It's the same question people down the road want answered.

"It shocked me," Folwer said. He and his wife both slept through the shooting next door.

"It's a shame that that goes on in this neighborhood," he added.

His message was echoed in several 911 calls that came in to Davidson County dispatcher.

"I've lived here for nine years, and I haven't seen anything like this. I don't know what's going on," said one person in a 911 call.

These neighbors all believe someone knows why one home was targeted and they hope that person will come forward.

"I want to tell whoever it is, put down the guns, you know?" the victim said. "Let's talk about it. Let's find out whatever's going on in your life that's causing you to behave this way."

Police say the suspect drove up on a moped or scooter with a loud muffler. Witnesses told police the suspects turned off the engine before firing at the two homes.

They were then seen starting up the moped or scooter and driving off south on Memorial Park Drive toward Main Street.

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