Guilford County Sheriff’s Office recommends security in local churches

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – It's a place being targeted more and more.

"Having security within the facility is a good idea nowadays," Guilford County Sheriff's Office Master Corporal J.A. Page said.

As the community resource officer, he helps churches to improve safety.

Especially for a church in the area which was recently broken into.

"Nobody can see them unless they come behind the building," Page said. "They tried to knock the door handle off and that didn't work. They pried the door open.”

He examines both the outside and inside of the church.

Page pointed out the biggest problem he sees is a lack of lighting outside.

"Naturally a church is not open at all hours, at all times similar to your home," Page said.

He said motion lights can easily run off an intruder.

The next red flag: windows.

"If I come up here with a flashlight and put it right against there, it'll shine up everything in there," Page said.

Once inside the church, that's where security is crucial.

The Tennessee shooter injured six people once he entered the church.

Page said a close eye should be kept on all church visitors.

"You'll want those individuals to be seated in certain locations," Page explained. "In areas that can be easily observed".

Also, an investment in security cameras in certain areas of the church could help -- a measure which might be worth the piece of mind.

"Easy to address and are very inexpensive," Page said.