Woman says she could ‘see the meanness in that one dog’s eyes’ moments before three dogs attacked her in Randolph County

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. – Juanita Poole is resting and recovering after her neighbor’s three dogs attacked her outside her Randolph County home.

She talked exclusively to FOX8 about the terror she faced when she left her house on Carl Allred Road around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday.

“I could just feel them tearing me because I could just feel their teeth,” she said.

Her body is now covered with bite marks, bruises, and stitches. She has also lost the feeling in both her hands.

It was dark when she left to take that walk outside, but Poole told us she could “see the meanness in that one dog's eyes.”

She said she tried to throw rocks at the dogs when they approached her while growling, but by the time she reached up they already had her on the ground.

Poole says she screamed for help for what felt like 15 minutes, “I said, 'please don't let me die here in my yard.'”

Those dogs are now at a local animal shelter and the owner says she does not want them back. In just days, they could be put down.

Despite everything this 53-year-old has been through, she does not have hate toward her neighbor.

“I don't hate them, just hate it happened to me. I'm just scared and hurt," Poole said.