Playground for all kids to be built in King next week

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KING, N.C. -- It's a playground Amanda Brown has dreamed of for her daughter Kaitlyn, born with cerebral palsy.

"To have a playground that she could be apart of and get to participate in would be just huge for her," said Brown. "To get to participate with her friends and have fun instead of just watching everyone else do it means everything."

Next week Brown's dream of an all-inclusive playground where Kaitlyn and her twin sister Kinley can play together will become a reality when neighbors come together at King Recreation Acres.

Two years ago a group of residents, from across the region, started the non-profit MADIK to raise more than $400,000 for the state of the art playground. Funding came from local and state dollars, several local fundraisers and selling sponsorship of elements on the playground.

The big price tag comes due to lots of special equipment and safety measures for children with special needs. Some of the features include a wheelchair swing, therapeutic swing, a wheelchair accessible merry-go-round, entrance ramps and a number of sensory items for children with autism.

"Every single kid with disabilities or non-disabilities will be able to have fun," said 5th grader Dawson Bowman who has autism.

Throughout the community and beyond people are signing up to help with build week that will start Tuesday, September 26th through Sunday, October 1st. MADIK is looking for more volunteers for three separate shifts each day.

After the build week, it will take a few additional weeks of installing the playground turf, a concrete picnic area & entrance and landscaping before the playground will officially open. They will sell honorary bricks and pickets up until the last day of the build and install in the following weeks.

"For me to be able to play with my daughter and for her sister, it's going to be a great experience for us," said Brown.

If you would like to purchase a paver or sign up to volunteer, click here, or call 336-608-0555.

Childcare will be provided for certain shifts but you have to sign up in advance for the service.