Willow Oaks community in Greensboro hopes to attract developers

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The Willow Oaks community has been working alongside contractors and city planners since August 2016.

Tuesday night, city council approved plans moving forward with their ideas of redevelopment.

B. Michelle Lucas Patrick, the neighborhood association president, said several community members have been involved brainstorming ways to improve the area.

"I feel that we were very fortunate that they came to us and they asked, 'What do you think?' It was a grassroots project and everyone was excited because we got to voice our opinion," Patrick said

Russ Clegg, with the planning department, explained Willow Oaks first began construction in 2000 but was put on hold because of financial setbacks.

"In 2008 when progress stopped because of the recession, we have taken a look at some of the changes in the market since then, the changes in building materials and have taken a plan to really put that into action and get the neighborhood finished off," Clegg said.

The city is now moving forward with ideas and plans to attract developers.

Renderings for a two- to three-story senior living facility, a mixed-use building that includes a fresh healthy eatery and 26 attached single family homes have been constructed.

The proposed development encompasses 10 acres of vacant land and a portion of The Havens.

If funding and investments moves accordingly, Clegg said the city hopes to start building within a year.