People moving into Graham’s Lofts at Oneida Mill

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GRAHAM, N.C. -- It's a feeling of comfort for Bob Calhaun as he walks into his new house.

He was recently the sixth person to move into The Lofts at Oneida Mill.

"This just makes me feel good," Calhaun said. "I'm happy, man".

He lives in what used to be a cotton mill. That is until a group of investors saw more.

"It's such as small town it's nice to see someone took a chance on it," The Lofts at Oneida Mill Property Manager Samantha Wynn said.

She said a group invested $15.6 million to renovate the old mill.

Wynn pointed out things such as floors, paint and housing units were top priority.

There's now a total of 102 tenants who have moved in.

All meet the requirement.

"It's a workforce credit site that actually helps those who are working class to be able to afford their rent better," Wynn explained.

The apartments and lofts were designed to help with affordable housing in the area.

"So for one person, they couldn't go over $22,320 and that's before taxes," Wynn said.

If approved, the monthly rent for either a one bedroom loft or apartment is $526.

Calhaun said this is ideal for his fixed income.

"I draw in disability so it comes in great," Calhaun said.

"It's wonderful to be able to see the smile on someone's face when you're able to give them a place to live when they didn't have anything at all," Wynn said.

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