Local estate sales planner in trouble again, arrested for worthless check

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A local estate sale planner was arrested for a worthless check.

In the two years since FOX8 On Your Side introduced Michael Cassell, he has changed his name at least three times.

Keith Watson hired Cassell as C&C Estate Sale. Watson's brother died this summer and he was left with finding a planner to help him sell his belongings.

So, to Watson, Cassell seemed like a good choice.

In the beginning, Cassell was very sympathetic.

But that changed when it was time for Cassell to turn over the money from the estate sale. And the check he wrote bounced.

It's a story FOX8 has told you time and time again. Melissa Painter has interviewed seven families who shared very similar experiences.

In four cases, Cassell did not pay them the money he owed from their estate sales until law enforcement intervened.

Officers charged him with obtaining property by false pretense and larceny, but the district attorney's office dismissed those charges in 2016 after Cassell paid restitution.

But, on Sept. 17, he was charged again. This time for a worthless check.