Guilford County veterinarian rescues dogs from Florida

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WHITSETT, N.C. -- A local veterinarian rescued 18 dogs from a central Florida shelter. The dogs are now in the Triad and will soon be available for adoption.

Dr. Glenn Huth and his team from the Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital and neighboring pet resort hit the road with pet supplies to help animals in need.

“I’m from Florida. I was there when Andrew went through so I knew that there was going to be a need,” Huth said.

His team returned home with 18 dogs on Sunday night.

“These dogs are the ones that are not immediately displaced,” Huth said. “They weren't lost from the storm a week ago. They are dogs that were in a rescue group or in a foster group. They are not going to be missed by an individual or owner, that allowed us to open up room for rescue groups and take these dogs in that were local. Hopefully they can stay local and get back home.”

Huth said the area where the dogs were sheltered was without power for most of the week.

“When we rolled in it was 95 degrees,” Huth said. “Fair amount of trees were down, power lines looked like they were just twisted. A lot of standing water.”

Now, he wants to make sure the dogs are well rested and healthy before finding their forever homes.

“Some of these dogs have come from places where they may have been in a cage or kennel for the last year and a half, two years,” Huth said. “It's time for these dogs to have a yard. It's time for these dogs to live on the couch. It's time for these dogs to get what they deserve. “

Huth hopes to have the animals ready for adoption by Saturday.