Construction could impact school bus routes in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Starting Monday, construction will close Old Battleground Road at Cotswold Avenue for an extended period of time.

Late Sunday night, crews opened up a bridge that would connect Lake Brandt Road with the part of Cotswold Avenue that extends to Battleground Avenue.

Cotswold Avenue to Lawndale will be shut down as crews to continue work on what will become the Greensboro Urban Loop.

Roger Cates lives right off Lake Brandt Road in the Cotswold Village. He says over the years, DOT has bought half the houses in that neighborhood, and torn them down for this project. Now he's worried because the effects of this construction project are still unknown.

"It's a frustrating situation for us in this neighborhood, to have to reroute our lives, and we really don't have a big choice as to how it's gonna be done," Cates said.

The construction could impact school bus routes in Greensboro. Greensboro Transit Authority says the construction only impacts one public bus route, and workers have carved a one-way street for exclusive bus use through Cotswold Terrace.

"The project involving Cotswold Ave and Old Battleground Ave will cause a slight impact on bus routes in this area. The Nine buses routes in this area primarily serve students residing on the west end of Cotswold Avenue between Cotswold Terrace and Battleground Avenue," said Guilford County School Transportation Director Jeff Harris. "The buses affected have been rerouted, utilizing established detours, and will access Cotswold Avenue from Battleground Avenue, Cotswold Avenue between Old Battleground Road and Lawndale Avenue was previously only traveled as a thoroughfare. With this section closed, buses will alternately travel Lake Brandt Road and Pisgah Church Road."