2-vehicle crash causes car to hit house in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- A Greensboro family is focused on repairing their home after a two-vehicle crash caused one of the cars to slam into their home Monday afternoon.

No one was hurt, but the homeowners are shaken up, and they say a dangerous intersection is partially to blame.

Greensboro police say a driver went through a stop sign on Julian Street around 2:20 p.m. Another car coming down Bennett Street hit that driver in the intersection.

The crash caused one of the cars to fly across the Reese family's lawn, narrowly missing their car, and slam into their home.

The Reeses were eating lunch in their kitchen when the car crashed into their bedroom wall.

"It sounded like a large 'thump!' And we were thinking it was the car that got hit," James Reese said. "When we came out I went, welp, it's the house. I was wondering if everyone was OK, because things can be repaired, but not life."

The family is waiting for an insurance agent to look at the damage, but they say it could cost $30,000 to repair.

Reese says he's seen about a dozen crashes at the intersection of Julian and Bennett streets since he moved into his home 15 years ago and it's only gotten busier as Greensboro continues to grow.

He'd like to see a stop light at the intersection and he wants to see drivers slow down and obey the stop signs.

Reese also counts himself lucky on Monday. He was outside mowing the lawn about 30 minutes before the crash.

"Actually, I count my blessings, because I could have been part of the house," he said. "If [the driver] had actually gone inside of the house, it would have been much worse, and maybe the structure above would have collapsed into the vehicle, and possibly killing someone."

Police have not said who is responsible for the crash or if anyone will face charges.