Man leaves his infant son in steamy bathroom to treat cough and child dies, according to police

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The area in Brooklyn, N.Y. where the child lived.

NEW YORK — An infant has died after his father left him in a steamy bathroom to try to treat a cough, according to police.

WPIX reported that 1-year-old Mordechai Halpern was found unresponsive in his Brooklyn, New York home early Thursday morning.

The boy’s father apparently tried to cure his chronic cough with a home remedy that included leaving the baby alone in a steamy bathroom, according to sources.

Emergency workers responded and took the baby to a hospital, but he died before arriving, police said.

Sources said the baby previously had bronchitis, an acute or chronic condition that involves coughing. The child began coughing again when his father decided to give him a mixture of lemon, sugar and water.

He then took Halpern into a bathroom, where he turned on hot water in the shower, and left the baby alone in a stroller.

The father fell asleep, and the baby died. Halpern had no visible signs of trauma, according to police.

The medical examiner will determine his cause of death.