Woman in High Point who escaped from railroad tracks turns herself in

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- The woman who narrowly escaped her car before a train smashed into it turned herself in Thursday morning, according to a press release.

Jeseace Quick, 25, of Kannapolis, is charged with no operators license and a railroad crossing violation by citation.

Video obtained by FOX8 shows Quick in her car stopped on the tracks at Pendleton Road and Martin Luther King Drive in High Point.

George Ramos told FOX8 that the video was recorded on his father-in-law's dash cam. High Point police Lt. Curtis Cheeks confirmed the video's authenticity and facts to FOX8. He said the incident happened at 1:40 p.m. Tuesday.

Chip Evans, Ramos' father-in-law, was about to cross the railroad crossing when the stop arm went down and then went back up. As he was about to cross, the other arm went down and a car proceeded and was trapped.

Quick narrowly escaped her car before a trained smashed into it (High Point police)

He yelled at the driver, 'Get out of the way!' " Ramos said. She grabbed her purse and ran away just before the train hit her car.

“Personnel with the railroad advised there was no damage to the train, engine #1140, or the crossing. A K-9 team responded and performed a search of the area to locate the driver but was unsuccessful,” Cheeks said.

Norfolk Southern Representative Susan Terpay sent the following statement when asked about the crossing arms timing and if there was a malfunction:

"It’s extremely important to remind motorists never to proceed through a railroad crossing when the lights are flashing. The lights signal that there is oncoming train traffic, and when there are two sets of railroad tracks, it’s important to remember that a second train can be coming from either direction.

"In this case the gates and lights activated when a southbound Amtrak train passed through the crossing. When the train finished going through the crossing, the lights continued flashing -- alerting drivers that a second train was coming. The gates then lowered again as a northbound Norfolk Southern train went through the crossing.​"