Vacant rental home is eyesore in Davidson County neighborhood

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- You can smell it as soon as you get out of the car -- bags of trash left on the back porch to bake in the sun for months.

"It's like a dumpster," Shane Forshee said. "You don't really see it, but you smell the garbage, and just the overall condition of the house, the siding has mold on it, it's not taken care of at all."

Forshee lives next door to a vacant rental property on Rosebriar Drive in Davidson County. A window is boarded up and the grass is overgrown. The latest tenants just moved out and, with the property owner in Myrtle Beach, he said the home has grown into a state of disrepair that has to be reversed.

"I want it cleaned up, just to fit in with the rest of the neighborhood, that's it," Forshee said.

He began reaching out to Davidson County commissioners and departments a couple of months ago to see what could be done. After filing a complaint with planning and zoning, someone came out to survey the home and, on Aug. 3, issued a 30-day notice to the homeowner for being in direct violation of the county's solid waste ordinance. Within 30 days, the homeowner was supposed to clean up all of the trash, but that time passed and it was still on the porch. The department filed another 30-day notice in the beginning of September, but when FOX8 went to check out the home, the bags of garbage were still there.

"What's the point of the 30-day notice if nothing happens at the end?" Forshee asked.

A representative with the planning and zoning department said if the trash is not properly disposed of within the current notice period, the next step will be fines and, potentially, legal action.

Forshee said he hopes that is the case, because if not, he is considering moving out of the house he's called home for 26 years.

"I don't want to, but over time, because of all the problems that have gone on with the house, you want to get out ," Forshee explained.