Local woman pushing for under guards on trailers

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- Some people have mixed emotions when it comes to tractor-trailers.

For Jade Davis, she's on the cautious side.

"A little bit, definitely when they're passing me I feel a lit bit uncomfortable because they're so big but especially staying behind them I know not to get too close," Davis said.

Maurice Brown embraces them. He's been a truck driver for 16 years.

"Growing up, 'One day I'm going to be a truck driver,'" Brown said. "That's my story."

Both Brown and Davis said safety is top priority for drivers.

"Safeguards should be mandatory on all trailers on commercial vehicles," Brown said. "If it'll save one life it's worth it."

This is exactly what Kernersville resident Jennifer Tierney is now doing.

She wants under guards to be on every angle of trailers.

Tierney said under guards are measures to prevent cars from going underneath trailers. Her mission of safety began when her dad died in what's called an under-ride.

She said he crashed into a trailer head-on 34 years ago.

"Nobody should die in such a violent, horrific way when it is preventable," Tierney said.

She said her dad might've survived if the trailer had under guards.

The Under Act will require front, rear and side guards on trailers.

"It's such a catastrophic crash that even with the newer cars now that you have air bags and crumple zones, there's still nothing really between you and your loved one's head but the windshield," Tierney said.

Her battle with trailers is nothing new.

She was an avid supporter of the reflective tape along the sides of them.

"I worked with the Truck Safety Coalition for 10 years to get that regulation through," she said.

Tierney said the Under Act is now in the last draft phase.

The next step will be to find sponsors and co-sponsors to support the act.