High Point police stress importance of railroad crossing safety

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A woman who narrowly escaped her car before a train smashed into it turned herself in Thursday morning.

Jeseace Quick, 25, of Kannapolis, is charged with no operator’s license and a railroad crossing violation by citation.

This all happened Tuesday afternoon on the tracks at Pendleton Road and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in High Point.

Dashcam video from the incident was sent into FOX8 Wednesday. Police say there are ways to prevent this from happening.

“State law requires that if those red lights are flashing you do not enter the tracks. So, none of those vehicles should have started to move before those red lights kept flashing,” Officer Jeffrey Crouse said.

The video shows three cars, including the man who captured the video, trying to cross the train tracks prior to the incident.

Police say that crossings like this one are not required to have the stop arms, just lights.

“So, you need to always pay attention to the lights,” Crouse said.

However, a mistake that often happens in situations like this is the person involved leaving the scene.

“We've had several instances recently where we've charged people with felony hit-and-run because they left the scene where if they would have just stayed then they would have gotten a ticket for not having a license or running a red light or whatever the case may have been, but because they chose to leave then that greatly enhanced their charge,” Crouse said.​