Sister of Winston-Salem homicide victim speaks out

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The sister of a Winston-Salem homicide victim is speaking out after a suspect was charged Wednesday.

On July 17, Alicia Craig's brother, Gary Craig, 36, was found dead along with Devette Carnetta Campbell, 40, in the woods behind the Willow Creek apartment complex off Stagecoach Road. Winston-Salem police officers were called to conduct a welfare check on a 40-year-old woman.

Winston-Salem police announced in a press conference Wednesday that Tyrone Gladden, 45, has been charged with murder in Craig and Campbell's deaths. Gladden was initially charged in August with two counts of concealment of death.

"We used to sit and talk for hours, for hours and laugh," Alicia recalled. "It hurts so bad."

Alicia and her brother didn't grow up together -- they met as adults and quickly became inseparable. She said she was thrilled to learn he was moving to Winston-Salem in February after falling on hard times.

"He came back, got his own place, did everything on his own and he was so excited," Alicia said. "He was like, 'I did it, are you going to come visit me?'"

She told her brother yes, but life happened, and she never got the chance to see his new apartment. It's something that still hurts, but now that someone has been charged in her brother's murder, she says her family finally has a reason to see a shimmer of hope.

"That they got him, that he's not walking around all freely or he's not going to do that to somebody else," Alicia said.

Gladden is due in court Thursday morning.