Despite recent robbery, Thomasville police say crime is relatively low

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- Sherrill Stamey has lived in Thomasville his whole life and has noticed recent robberies in the area. Sitting in his truck along Randolph Street he could point to at least three places that have been robbed in recent memory.

"The way things are going, everybody's messing up trying to get money,” Stamey said.

He’s not the only one. After FOX8 reported on a robbery at the Ingles just off I-85 many folks commented on Facebook saying “Thomasville is getting bad” and pointing out the store has been robbed before.

But Thomasville police don’t agree with the idea that crime is getting worse. In fact, they say it’s just the opposite.

"This year for example we've had a grand total of seven calls down there,” said Major Mark Kattner.

Only two of those calls were robberies. Kattner says that area around Ingles isn’t much worse than any other part of town. Last year police got 19 calls for that complex, 10 of which were for shoplifting. Kattner says if folks are witnessing more crimes like drug deals, they’re going unreported.

“Unfortunately for us to be effective in all that, when you go out and you see something's happening, you got to notify the police,” Kattner said. “That’s the only way we know there's a problem, we can address the problem, and we can see what's causing the problem."

Police are seeing a trend of crime along Randolph Street, where most businesses are in Thomasville. In 2016, police actually designated an extra patrol car for that corridor and say it has worked.

"Our crimes have actually been going down,” Kattner said. "Our larcenies for the year have actually dropped, larcenies last year are dropping so overall for the last two year, the amount of shoplifting and larcenies that occurred, we're actually seeing a decrease."