School bus driver dies while picking up students

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- "He was a superb school bus driver."

That's what Henrico County Public Schools Director of Pupil Transportation Josh Davis said about school bus driver Richard Allen Hall.

Hall died Tuesday afternoon while picking up students at Holman Middle School in Glen Allen. Holman was one of the four schools the nine-year veteran served daily.

To students, and their parents, he was known simply as "Mr. Hall."

"He developed a strong relation with children and parents," Davis said. "He knew them all by their names. I could tell there was a high level of respect and warmth between he and the students."

Hall had already completed his two elementary school runs Tuesday afternoon -- the first day of school -- when he arrived at Holman Middle for student pickup.

His bus was parked in the bus ramp and his students were in their seats ready to go home when Mr. Hall collapsed behind the steering wheel.

A school administrator saw Hall and asked him if he needed help.

He never replied.

The students were let off the bus as emergency crews worked to save Hall's life. They could not.

"He just made everyone feel good," Davis said. "He was just seeking to be a servant for the community."

Hall is survived by his fiancee, her two children, and his mother, according to his online obituary.