Man arrested following standoff at Greensboro home

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The man accused of barricading himself inside a home in Greensboro for more than 18 hours is in custody.

Richard Roof, 57, was taken away from the home at the intersection of Huffine Mill Road and Peterson Avenue in an armored truck Monday morning, after police say he surrendered peacefully.

Police say they took Roof to a hospital for evaluation. Greensboro police are wrapping up their investigation and they say Roof could face criminal charges.

Bessemer Elementary School and Gateway Education Center were also closed because of the standoff. Officials with Guilford County Schools say they'll both be back open on Tuesday.

Officers were called to Roof's home at about 5:13 p.m. Sunday, in response to what police called a domestic disturbance. Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott said several of Roof's family members were in the home. They asked officers for help to get out and flee the area. Officers took then took them to a safe location.

Scott said Roof was armed during the standoff.

"That dispute went on into an act of violence," he said.

The first officer to arrive heard gunfire, according to a Greensboro police press release. Neighbors also told FOX8 they heard a gunshot around 9 or 10 p.m. Sunday.

Greensboro police, High Point police, Guilford County sheriff's deputies and the sheriff's Emergency Response Team all worked to end the standoff peacefully.

Chief Scott said negotiators talked to Roof in person, on the phone, and even over text message, trying to convince Roof to surrender peacefully. Scott even had his own message directly to Roof, just a couple hours before the standoff ended.

"The circumstances that got you into this particular spot, those are always things that we can work out, once we get you out safely," Scott said.

Roof came out of his home with his hands raised in surrender before 11 a.m. on Monday.

Police also evacuated several neighbors on Huffine Mill Road Sunday night. They're now allowed back in their homes, but some of them are frightened to be there.

"Concerned, worried and tired. The whole thing," Terrence Duncan said, after he was evacuated from his home.

Neighbors say they were shocked this situation happened at this particular home, but they're not surprised to see commotion in this community.

"Woke up this morning, still saw them out here, and I heard four or five flash bangs, and I saw a big cloud of green smoke," Brandon Thompson said.

While some neighbors were evacuated, others watched the standoff from inside their homes, including Thompson. He told us about the moments his kids heard a gun go off Sunday night.

"They heard the shots, so they came and jumped in the bed. They were real scared," he said.

Thompson has lived in this neighborhood for decades and he told us Roof has too.

"I haven't heard anything or any incidents going on at that house, or anything like that. This is very strange, to be honest with you," Thompson said.

Overall, neighbors say this once quiet community is seeing more crime and violence than ever before, with multiple shootings on Huffine Mill Road in the past few years.

"With the murder at the corner, with the guy getting shot at the other corner, it's just been going down," Duncan said.

For now, they're just glad their neighbors and kids are safe.

"It ended pretty calmly. Nobody was hurt," Thompson said.