Family who evacuated Florida gets first look at damage while in the Piedmont

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It’s been hard to step away from the television.

“We’ve been glued to the news, glued to the cellphone trying to follow everything that has been going on,” Natalia Anzola said.

Anzola lives in the Piedmont and for the past several days she has been worried about family throughout Florida who decided to ride out Irma at home.

“It’s been completely stressful, it’s been some sleepless nights,” she said.

Her husband’s cousin, Guillermo Amescua and his wife Cecilia Braham, didn’t want to take any chances, especially with three kids.

“We decided to leave a little bit early because we knew the highways were going to be packed,” Braham said.

With heavy traffic, it took them 20 hours to make it to the Piedmont Thursday after evacuating from their home in Key Biscayne, Florida.

“Everyone in the island was ordered to evacuate. There’s always one or two crazy ones that stay, and they’re taking videos and they’ve been keeping us informed,” Amescua said.

Anzola was able to keep in touch with her side of the family through social media -- receiving video updates of the damage.

She is thankful that her loved ones are safe.

Amescua and Braham’s condo did not experience significant damage.

They are grateful for the outcome as well.

“We were very nervous, but thank God it went down and it moved a little bit to the west,” Braham said.

Amescua, Braham and their children were planning to leave the Piedmont Monday afternoon and head to Savannah, Georgia.

From there, they hope to make it to Orlando Tuesday.