Irma, a Category 2 hurricane, passes through the Florida Keys, heads north with sustained winds near 100 mph

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Hurricane Irma has passed over the Florida Keys Sunday morning and is now moving north through Florida.

It is a Category 2 hurricane as of 11 p.m. Sunday with winds sustained near 100 mph.

Strong winds are now headed up the west coast of Florida with potential hurricane force gusts across all of Florida over the next 12 hours.

This storm is forecast to move across Georgia with Tropical Storm force winds on Monday and Tuesday.

Here in the Piedmont, we will notice windy conditions around 20 mph with some peak gusts Monday night near 40 mph.

Winds may be a little higher in the southwest parts of the state. A rainfall of 1-2 inches is expected on average, but amounts will vary.

The tornado threat for us is very low, highest to our south and east over eastern South Carolina tomorrow and to a smaller degree in eastern North Carolina tomorrow night into Tuesday.

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