Teen takes credit for red ‘It’ balloons tied to sewer grates in Pennsylvania

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LITITZ, Pa. — A 17-year-old girl says she and her friends are behind the red “It” balloons found tied to sewer grates in a small Pennsylvania town.

Peyton Reiff told PennLive she is behind the prank, saying she saw the trailer for “It” and decided to use the balloons to scare friends and classmates.

The red balloon is in reference to the Stephen King horror movie “It,” which hits theaters on Friday.

The movie is about a group of kids who band together when a monster, taking the appearance of a clown, begins hunting children.

The prank eventually went viral when the Lititz Borough Police Department posted pictures of the balloon on Facebook Tuesday morning.

“We want the local prankster to know that we were completely terrified as we removed these balloons and respectfully request they do not do that again,” the post read.

Reiff tweeted about the prank Tuesday night, saying “We tried to trick our friends but ended up scaring America!”

“We didn’t even think anybody was going to know what it meant,” said 16-year-old Jetty Finchalm. “It was just so shocking. None of us realized the extent of how far it was going to go.”

It appears as if the prank also made its way to Winston-Salem as a red balloon was found tied to a sewer gate Thursday near the intersection of Reynolda Road and Canal Drive.

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