Grandmother accused of locking 9-year-old girl dog cage for week

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RACINE COUNTY, Wis. -- A Wisconsin grandmother is accused of keeping her 9-year-old granddaughter locked in a dog cage for at least a week, WITI reports.

She and another man, who police say is the homeowner, were arrested after the child's teacher suspected the alleged child abuse on Wednesday and reported it.

Investigators say the girl was kept in the cage for at least 12 hours each day. The kennel measured 4 feet, 10 inches in height, 4 feet in length, and 8 feet in width.

"You've seen the photo. Cardboard on the floor, a couple of blankets and a padlock,"  said Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling. "I wouldn't treat my own dog that way."

The duo's identities have not been released since they have not been formally charged.

The victim and a sibling have been placed into protective custody.