Winston-Salem releases list of most flood-prone areas as Hurricane Irma looms

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The City of Winston-Salem has identified the areas most prone to flooding, ahead of the projected arrival of Hurricane Irma in coming days.

“The resources are going to be stretched no matter what,” said Randy Britton, assistant director of transportation for the City of Winston-Salem.

The list is as follows:

  1. Indiana Avenue and 28th Street
  2. Bethania Station Road and Bethabara Park Boulevard
  3. Reynolda Road and Bethabara Park Boulevard
  4. 6300 Bethabara Park Blvd. and Beacon Drive
  5. Shattalon Drive and Bethania Station Road
  6. 800 Reynolda Road and NW Canal Drive
  7. 108 Shady Blvd.
  8. 3300 Linda Circle
  9. 9000 Old Town Drive
  10. 4400 Mill Creek Road
  11. South Main Street and Salem Avenue
  12. 2400 Old Greensboro Road and Kinard Drive
  13. 4709 Tolley Creek Drive
  14. 100 Hawthorne Road and First Street
  15. 4100 N. Patterson Ave.
  16. 2800 Marguerite Park Drive NW
  17. 2700 Caraway Lane
  18. 300 Robbins Road
  19. Northwest Boulevard and Thurmond Street
  20. 100 Queensbury Road
  21. Phillips Bridge Road at Muddy Creek
  22. Silas Creek Parkway and Hanes Mall Blvd
  23. Business 40 and Knollwood Street
  24. Business 40 and Silas Creek Parkway

“It’s very methodical, it’s very strategic,” said Britton, of how his department prioritizes and prepares ahead of significant weather events.

Crews will be spending coming days responding to the above areas, and others, in an effort to clear storm drains ahead of the anticipated heavy rainfall.

“There are going to be streets that need to be closed,” Britton said.

Four of the top five areas listed are in the Bethabara Park/Bethania Station Road area, which was heavily flooded due to rain storms in April. The storms closed athletic fields, streets and parks during the rain event.

Also listed is the intersection of Hawthorne Road and First Street, which is around the corner from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Crews spent Thursday clearing the storm drains at that intersection, which is a priority.

“That is prone to flooding because it is a low-lying area and we want to make sure that we do everything in our power to keep that clear so people can get to the hospital in the event of an emergency situation,” Britton said.

Britton added that his department works in conjunction with the Winston-Salem fire Department to identify areas where they have historically made water rescues.

“We want to make sure that we do everything in our power to eliminate that need from their standpoint. The resources are going to be stretched,” Britton said. “We’re going to be going 1,000 miles an hour.”