Davidson County church members grateful for community support after roof collapse

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Pastor Linda Suggs refers to the Thomasville Christian Fellowship as the "love center," but Monday evening a hole got torn into the heart of that center.

"We've preached the roof off!" Suggs said optimistically. For those who know her, there's not much that can bring the pastor down.

"Out of destruction comes new life and new beginning," Suggs said.

She's been the head pastor at this church in Davidson County for seven years. This past Sunday, she and her congregants noticed something strange.

"One of the elders left and he turned around immediately and said 'Somethings not right,'" Suggs said.

The roof was beginning to bow in. "I immediately had a guy to come out and look and he said, 'This is dangerous,'" Suggs said. "This was right over the sanctuary. Lives could have been hurt. That would have just been a disaster."

Throughout the day folks came out to take pictures or just drive by to see the damage.

"Thank goodness services wasn't going on," said Steve Leonard, of Thomasville, while passing by.

A couple of churches have reached out to Suggs, offering space for worship and meetings while repairs are underway. The church is also home to Debra Hill's addiction outreach group "Alive and Free." She's not sure where they will hold meetings moving forward.

"I'm sure God is going to open something up," Hill said. "I have complete faith in that."

Suggs says the church was inspected last year by the Davidson County Fire Marshal. FOX8 has requested to see that report, as it is public record, and will post it as soon as the marshal's office complies.

The pastor has organized contractors to come over, stabilize the walls and hopefully put a tarp over the hole to prevent water damage from rain.

Sunday service will still be held on the property. Suggs says they will use a patio right next to the church and have their service outside.