Some parents angry over Welborn Middle School dress code

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Some parents are furious over Welborn Middle School's dress code.

Vendetta Moore is one of them.

She said her frustration began when she dropped off her daughter at school Thursday morning.

Moore receieved a text message from her daughter just seconds after saying there's a problem.

She came back to find out her daughter's ripped jeans are against school dress code.

"I couldn't believe it was that serious," Moore explained.

She said a teacher told her the new principal recently made new revisions to the dress code compared to last year, but Moore said she was never notified.

"It's not like I'm sending my daughter to school with holes up here in her thigh with big holes," Moore said. "These are just little slits in the knees."

She bought eight pairs of jeans which in total cost almost $200.

"I was explaining to her, 'Is someone going to reimburse us our money? Because these clothes out here in these stores are not cheap,'" Moore said.

She explained this problem could've been avoided if a notice was sent out.

Moore said the school should've told parents about the dress code at open house.

"So now we have to go out and buy and replace all her jeans that have holes in them and replace them with new ones," Moore said.

Her biggest wish going forward is simple.

"In the future, communication is a lot better," Moore said.

School Principal Ashauna Harris sent FOX8 a statement about this matter:

"As representatives of Welborn Academy of Science and Technology, we want our students to come to school every day prepared to learn and dressed appropriately. Our dress code has not changed for the 2017-18 school year, and today we reiterated that in a school assembly. A reminder about appropriate dress will be shared with parents this evening, and I welcome the opportunity to discuss with parents any concerns they may have."