Guilford Metro 911 in need of dispatchers

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- From fires to medical emergencies, Gregory Cobb gets hundreds of calls every day.

"You never know what's on the other end of that line," Cobb said.

He's one of more than 70 dispatchers with Guilford Metro 911 and has been working double duty since the call center has been short-staffed.

"If we were fully staffed, we'd have call takers handling the calls and dispatchers handling the dispatches, but in a situation like this, they're having to do both," Operations Manager Christine Moore said.

Moore says by next month, they'll be short 14 dispatchers.

"With the stress of the job, people just tend to say, ‘I've had enough,’” she said.

They're getting by using part-time help and paying overtime, but Moore says the extra hours are starting to take a toll on workers.

"They're feeling that stress,” she said. “They're going home at the end of the day and they are just exhausted and then to ask them to come in and work that overtime, it's very difficult for them."

Applications down by about 20 percent, Moore said.

"People are just looking at those jobs and just not applying for them,” she said.

They're looking at using radio ads and other methods to recruit.

"We're just trying to explore every avenue that we have," she said.

And with flooding and rescues going on in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, Moore says it's important now more than ever to be prepared for anything.

"I can't imagine what the folks in Houston are going through,” she said. "It's just not weather, you think of active shooter situations, you can think of any type of disaster scenario that could happen."

Moore says to apply for a dispatcher job with Guilford Metro 911, you must be 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED along with other qualifications.

To apply, go to the City of Greensboro’s website.