Local church bounces back after community garden vandalized

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – After their community garden was vandalized in June, four girls with New Birth Community AME Church’s Plant Life auxiliary have bounced back.

The plants were destroyed after leaders say someone placed a white powder in their two garden beds – killing everything that was growing.

The goal was to grow produce to give to people in need.

“We just told the girls, we can’t let anything set us back,” program adviser Megan Doldron said.

Since it happened, the girls committed to working on the garden every Friday.

“I was ready to go no matter what happened,” Jaiya Clark said.

“All of it is growing really good. They’re getting bigger,” McKenzie Sua said.

Plant Life has received community support along the way through donations, including a letter of encouragement and a $100 gift card from a Good Samaritan in the Chicago area who saw their story.

“We laminated the letter for all of the girls to have on their mirror, so they can see that what they’re doing is impacting the community in a positive manner,” program adviser Sara Tatum said.

The donated money helped Plant Life buy new soil and fencing – ultimately funding a fresh start.

Plant Life hopes to give the produce to an organization that supports senior adults.