Plumber electrocuted at Greensboro apartment complex

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro police say a plumber was electrocuted while working a job at an apartment complex on Wednesday.

Police found Gary Hickenbottom in a space underneath the apartments on Kersey Street.

A city inspector condemned the building later that evening because the power was cut off and he found out some electrical paneling that had been done without a permit.

We spoke with a man who lives in that building and saw Hickenbottom that day.

“I ran the conversation we had together about 20 times in my head,” said the resident.

He thought it was strange that Hickenbottom had not finished working after a few hours, but he didn’t realize what had happened until police found his body.

“There should've been no electricity under here. There should've been nothing no exposed wires under the house,” he said.

Arco Reality manages the property. Their office manager would not comment on the building, but says Hickenbottom was a good friend.

A closer look at building records uncovered this is not the first time that code violations were documented. Things like holes in the walls in 2014 made this property unsafe to live in but months later, it passed inspection.

Some people who live there now are being relocated to other apartments.

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