Hunter Elementary School in Guilford County gets brand new building

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. – Some Guilford County students are just a week away from walking through the doors of a brand new school.

The original building that housed Hunter Elementary dates back to 1929, but students and staff will enjoy a new era in a building designed to handle teaching in the 21st century.

Teachers spent Monday being trained on how to use the new technology in the classrooms, including smart boards.

“At the old school, the fourth and fifth graders had smart boards and everybody else had flat screen TVs that hooked up to a desktop computer, so that you could use a wireless mouse and a wireless keyboard, but that was the extent of our technology,” teacher Katie Allen said.

“You can do interactive things. You can write on the board with the markers, save your screens, take pictures, you can do a lot of things with it,” teacher Aurelia Scott said.

Teachers look forward to seeing the students’ enthusiasm once they walk through the doors next week.

“They’re going to be excited more than ever to come to school every day,” Allen said.

Hunter Elementary’s new building has a design budget of $473, 966 and a construction budget of $16,363,448, according to Guilford County Schools.

The funding comes from the 2008 school bond. Work has started to demolish the old building.